Aug 022015

Here Precision Muay Thai head coach Karl Nemeth demonstrates the lead leg switch kick.  Switch kicks are a great way to off balance your opponent and set up knockout blows.  This technique was made popular by a number of fighters over the years, most notably George “Rush” St. Pierre who would integrate it in many of his UFC title fights.  The same techniques used by the world’s greatest fighters are taught at Precision on a daily basis.

Coach Karl is an expert at breaking down the finer details of each technique – that is what makes his teachings so successful.  In each muay thai class at Precision MMA we make sure that all moves are taught in a simplistic, yet comprehensive manner that is interesting for advanced students but simple enough for beginners.  This approach allows a rising tide for all ships and gives our students clean crisp techniques. 

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Precision Muay Thai

Precision Muay Thai

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